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    AvatarBurton Hooker

    I’m planning on using setup B for the motor and stuff because it is easiest to just get everything from HobbyKing. But that setup calls for a 3 blade prop and I’d prefer a 4 blade prop. What size 4 blade prop should I look for?

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    Hi Burton, this is a bit problematic. I was searching the four blade prop for a long time as well, ended up ordering the 3 blade listed in userguide.

    But I’d think with no responsibility 14/8 4 blade might be ok here.

    My advice: go for the rear mounting option for turnigy setup. The motor is being cooled more efficient this way.

    AvatarBurton Hooker

    Yeah that’s the motor I’m getting with the 3 blade prop for now…but at some point I would like to go to 4 blade still


    Try this company
    They have 4 blade prop version whcich would be 16D hub most propably. I’m going to try the same engine but with 3 blade prop from this company


    Has anyone tried using the 4 blade 16 x 10 prop assembly from the FlightLine 1600mm Spitfire?

    Seems the size would be reasonably scale, and with the 430KV motor, should provide sufficient thrust.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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