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    Dear Sirs,

    I am full of admiration for all the work that must go into producing your printable aircraft. Its fantastic it really is. I am an RC enthusiast, and currently trying to get my printer tuned.

    Having seen your P38, it got me to thinking. What about a Mosquito MK VI, that would be quite something. Moving forward what about a Lancaster bomber, or a B17 flying fortress.

    All worth consideration, but one hell of a lot of work!!

    Your faithfully



    How about a F15 single EDF like the e-flight F4 phantom size, F15 have always flown well,


    I would be really interested in seeing a multi engine EDF of some sort.


    Id love a P80, F4, A-D1 Skyraider and a Hellcat.


    what about a hawker hurricane to go with spitfire


    The Curtis P-40 Warhawk would be awesome as well with tiger teeth decals!

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    AvatarSteven MacDonald

    Not sure if it’s been suggested already, But I’d absolutely kill for a decent 1200mm or larger size FW190 D9, D13 etc. Nobody seems to have the courage or the inclination to produce a scale accurate version. Was arguably the best fighter of the war. 😉


    what about a Mirage 2000, EDF 64mm ?

    AvatarAnders Wikström

    1st: I admire all work you do and I have bought quite a few of them but would you consider making a funny STOL or bush plane?
    Like Zenith 750: in 1:10 scale

    It will be a challenge to make it light but if you succeed it will be a very funny plane to fly. Take off within 2 meters and land at your feet

    Best regards
    Mr Anders Wikström

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    Hey guys,

    Love your work and have quite a few of your planes now.

    How about doing a CAC Boomerang? It would definitely be unique as no-one does a Boomerang.

    Something around the same scale as the large Spitty and the Corsair would be awesome.

    Thanks Tim


    I have bought 2 planes now the p51 for me and the piper for my son both were awesome builds, looking to see if you are going to do anything with single edf like an f-16. Looked all over and even tried designing myself but have not got very far in the designing process


    I’d love to see something in the F series, 22, 35, 18, 15, 16, 5, 4. AND/OR MIG-29,35, SU-27,35 🙂

    It would be great to have an optional wing design in the kit with much more camber for better low speed flight, even if the wing isn’t technically accurate, it would allow for a slower version for the less advanced flyers 🙂 This could be adopted for all a/c you release, many out there call them ‘slo-fly’ wings. They mount to the body the same way so they are swap-able so you can work up to the advanced wing.

    Cheers from Down Under
    You design them, I’ll buy them 🙂

    PS: Personally I would also love a Pilatus PC-9, I was lucky enough to clock up 60+ hours in one back in the day. It wouldn’t tale too much to design a PC-9 and PC-21 together, they are both very similar aircraft.

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    How about an F8 with lifting leading edge wing? If a folding wing corsair is working, I’m willing to bet this is possible as well. 😀


    On top of all these fantastic request, how bout we throw in the American well classic b17 for b19 bombers with working drop doors for candy drops to kids thinking about getting into rc.


    Wonderful models, Can you do a Vought OS2U King fisher to off set the Japanese Float plane. My grandfather flew one in WWII and would be nice to build a model in his honor.

    Thank you.

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