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    I would love to see maybe a british v bomber like the Vulcan B2


    Some really good ideas already posted. I think a c130 would be amazing. My cad skills are lacking right now. But keep up the awesome work fellas. Should have the p38 finished before the holidays.


    As an old Navy F-8 combat pilot, I too would like to see a model of the Crusader with a variable incidence wing. In the real airplane, the hinge line is close to the center of lift, so the force required to raise and lower the wing is surprisingly low. The single hydraulic actuating cylinder is attached to the under surface of the wing with a bolt smaller in diameter than your little finger. I tried not to let my thoughts dwell on this tiny bolt before I went flying.

    Anyhow, I suspect a rather small servo could work to raise and lower the wings. On the real airplane the inboard ailerons automatically drooped when the wing went up and they functioned as flaps. The wing had a full span drooped leading edge without any slots. It could be adjusted by a switch on the throttle to be up or partially down at any speed, so the pilot could adjust the wing camber at will. This was a nice feature. When the wing went up, the leading edge droops automatically went even further down increasing the wing camber even more.

    For a model with a moveable wing, the drooped ailerons would be easy to implement, most likely by using the existing aileron servos along with the sophisticated mixing features of most modern RC transmitters, even the ones costing $100. In other words, no linkage; only electronic mixing.

    The leading droops would be rather complicated and add quite a bit of weight, so I would suggest fitting fixed leading edge droops in the partially down position; no servos, no hinges, no linkages, reduced weight. However, if some smart designer decided moveable leading edges droops are necessary, then I would like to see them offered as an option so that the builder could choose to print wing components with fixed droops in the partially extended position or print a wing with moveable droops if desired.

    The good news is that the fuselage is very long which should make positioning the battery and other components to achieve a proper CG pretty easy. And the intake duct is simple as well. The F-8 intake is very efficient when compared with other fighters, so that should help our EDFs work better. The landing gear is very short too, so it can be made strong and light. In fact, that was the whole idea behind the Variable incidence wing. By tilting the wing only, the landing gear could be made short and the pilot could also see over the nose during high angle-of-attack carrier landings.

    I’m all in for a printable F-8, especially if it’s not too big and not too heavy. I would suggest the E model which had nice ventral fins and a better looking nose than the C version.


    Ditto for me! Another former Crusader pilot looking for a great “scale” flying model of the F-8.


    35 years ago there was a little bit of mixing out there but I was a kid mowing lawns to feed my habit and a wise next door neighbor taught me how to mix anything MECHANICALLY.
    In the case of your leading edge slats, hinge them on the wing. Control horn on the inside probably at the center of the wing. Use carbon fiber rod, because it doesn’t like to twist, as the hinge point and as a “backer” to the leading edge.
    Now tie the control horn to the wing saddle.
    As the wing pitches up, the leading edge will be pulled down…
    You can change how much my using different holes in the control arm.
    No servo necessary for the leading edge.
    To raise the wing with a mini jackscrew you can use a small gear head motor. Attach a piece of threaded rod to be used with a threaded insert.
    Take a standard sized servo, maybe one with striped gears…
    Remove the controller board and replace the motor with the gearhead.
    You can use a couple diodes and limit switches wired in where the potentiometer was after you remove it.
    So you throw the switch the wing will raise until it hits the first switch which will “cut the power” to your servo and stop the wing travel.
    Flip the switch the other way and the wing will lower until it hits the second limit switch and again stop.
    I can write a simple wiring diagram on a napkin if anyone is interested.


    I would love to see all the early jet fighters. the bell P59, Gloster meteor,Vampire FB 5, ME 262, HE 280, horten ho 229, Kikka. For me personally the early jets have always have been fascinating. If any of these were made into a 3d printable model I would purchase it immediately.


    the next model would be an F100 type jet, they could take the f86 as a model that flies great, f100 would take less work and please a 120mm edf


    a will the mig-3 in the winter versie like this picture


    Hi 3DLAbGang

    Great job.

    I would like to recommend a Horten H-IX suitable for 70mm or 90mm EDF and depending on size and weight a 6S or 12S Setup 🙂

    Wish you all a happy New Year.



    I would love to see a multi-engine EDF


    Yeah – this is cool idea; something like MIG-29 or Su-27? I would like PZL TS-11 Iskra


    3D team, absolutely love your work, and my printers have been literally running 24 hours a day printing your planes. It’s winter here, so that means build time. So far I’ve printed the F4U, B25, F-86, and P-38. I’ve purchased a few of the smaller planes as well, and will be printing those over the next couple of weeks. If I could make one request I’d love to see you release a F4 Phantom in 90mm. Very iconic jet, and what my wife’s uncle flew in Vietnam. Thanks so
    much for all the great work, and I look forward to whatever comes next! You guys are truly revolutionizing the RC industry.


    Using 2 of the cheap (~$18) 64 mm ducted fans:

    HORTEN HO 229 V3

    Although I think it would be a hand-full, I too would like to see an F-8 Crusader. My Dad flew them.

    F-8 Crusader
    U2 or TR-1A (of course with the big wing tanks)

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    Great models


    Would be very interested in seeing a Long-EZ in the 3D printable catalogue. I happen to own plans for the full size version and would be happy to provide scaled copies if this would put my request at the top of the queue or make it easier/faster to create the printable files. By the way, I found the Long-3D project from 2016 mentioned on your site. The 3D renderings for that plane don’t look correct. Whatever happened to that project?

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