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    What is the best plane for newbie for learning how to fly? No RC experience.


    Something like a trainer or a glider. Many gliders tend to stabilise themselves when using no sticks. I’ve been learning this summer on a 2m motor-glider with only elevator and rudder. I bought 4 planes (2x2m gliders, 1×1.5m glider and a Super Cub Trainer) 2nd-hand/used including some servos and a transmitter (35mhz) for only €80!
    So the Easymax001 would be a good print, although I would recommend learning to fly on something a bit more sturdy before flying a 3d printed plane.

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    With no RC experience I’d recommend some foam glider with a pusher prop. Something like EasyStar by Multiplex. Should have all the controls including ailerons though. As a second plane I’d recommend QTrainer and EasyMax.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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