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    AvatarPeter Bostwick

    I received a sovol svo1 3d printer for xmass. completely new to 3d printing. just throwing my hat in the ring and seeing how I do. there are a lot of settings. I have made a balsa glider in the past. the gentle lady. Now I will attempt to print the bungee on this creality cr10 mini knockoff. will see how I do if I can achieve thin walls. I have lw pla ordered and practicing on cura and print settings now to get familiar with printing. hoping for success. I will try to use cura 4.8 to slice, wish me luck. Anybody else who has suggestions on my printer or print settings or tips feel free to suggest. thank you peter

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    AvatarPeter Bostwick

    I am a happy camper. cleaned my 3p printer build plate loaded files on sd. using sovol svo1 printer.Didnt change anything. Hit go on provided g file for bungee left horizontal left stab, and it worked. can not be happier.

    On a side note the lw-pla from color fabb came quick. I orderd it they shipped from netherlands out monday got to me in oklahoma usa on mid day wednesday.DHL amazing how quick.

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    I am a happy camper also!


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Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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