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    HI Ulf

    thx for the quick reply.
    Where is the waterline expected to be at the props?
    Center of the Hub (M4 screw) or higher?

    I use a 3S Setup with an Scorpion HK4035-560.

    Yes I filled the hull with foam.


    AvatarUlf Raudberget

    I would say try to get the center of gravity at the end of the windshield.
    I suppose that’s the better way to measure. I’ll try to post a picture.

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    AvatarUlf Raudberget

    I think the water line is just above the rear hub screw. As your boat would be heavier, it might be a little below when good.


    Thank you very much for the COG illustration. I used it as reference and today I did the next try out.
    It is crazy how fast this thing can go once the prop does it’s job 😉
    Unfortunately I had to go for a swim to pick the boat out of the Zurich Lake…the shaft cracked just at the 7mm Hex.
    Considering the M4 screw running in the 7mm Hex the remaining wall thickness seems very tiny.

    Have you made similar experiences? Is there a way to increase stability at that point?

    AvatarUlf Raudberget


    Nice to hear that you got your boat running as it should. Would have been nice to see it at Zürich lake.
    Other people have had problems with the shaft at this place.
    Most important is to have a proper print. Some pla , just another color of the same brand have much less strength.
    I made a special version once, but I didn’t test it myself so I could not say if it was better. The hex was maximized as much as possible. To use it you would have to print the propeller hub again. You could try it if you like, just send an e-mail to me and I’ll give you access to my dropbox.
    Ulf dot raudberget at iCloud dit com

Viewing 5 posts - 211 through 215 (of 215 total)
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