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    Hello all together

    I am currently printing the 64″ Edga V3.
    While printing and sourcing the needed components I have run into some issues, that I think could easy be solved.
    MAybe you could consider to change this for the next version.
    1. Why using a totally non-standard diameter for the carbon tube. 10×11 is not a common standard and very expensive ~40EUR/m. Why not using a 8×10 or 10×12 version.
    2. Servo Sizes. Please add into the manual the size range for servos. The recommended HK servos are not common size (13mm). Even though they are cheap and strong 🙂

    It is very helpful that you add the links at HK for the components, but most of them are on Backorder and not common, at least for european modelism.. 😉

    Have a nice one.
    I am still printing 🙂



    Carbon tube in stock China now!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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