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    I’m finishing up my Cessna 152, and I’m using the 4s setup per the instruction manual. It calls for a 40A ESC, which is what I’m using, but when I did a run-up test using my watt-meter, I didn’t get to full-power because it got up to 45 Amps before I hit full stick.

    Should the specs call for a bigger ESC?


    AvatarMichael Morgan

    Turnigy 3542/6 1000KV, 40A Electronic Speed, Battery 3000mAh/4s 40C, two blade APC 11×5.5
    Are you using the suggested prop, also if you are using a 65c or 70c battery you will probably get more amp draw.
    Typically the 40A is a constant pull and allows for a burst pull for 30-60 seconds. I’d say you will be O.K. unless you are flying at full throttle the entire flight. I’d be more concerned with the quality of the BEC giving you the proper voltage to the RX when using 6+ servos.

    Edit: the system will unload in the air, thus lowering the amp draw.


    Thanks for the response Michael. I’m using the same motor and prop (3542/6, two-blade 11×5.5) that you are. My 4s batteries are only 25C. I’ll give it a go and see what happens, as I won’t likely be flying full-throttle all the time.


    My son and I fly this with the stock setup, but finding that the 40 amp is abit anemic even for 3S, the Stearman uses the same setup, however I swapped to a larger ESC and found the performance much smoother and less prone to overheating. thats just my observations.


    On this same subject I have 6s and 100 amp esc and it pulls 140 amp at full throttle. Half throttle pulls just under 70 amp and will run 10 min,after the 10 min. run the motor gets only warm,and the esc is not even warm.
    I’m wandering if my watt meter is maybe reading high?
    Set up is Zippy 6s 35c 4500 ma. motor is aerodrive-5055-430KV, esc is tunigy 100 amp plush.
    I am going to test my 152 which I have been flying with the stock set up with no problems.


    Yeah I’m not sure whats up with mine, but both went into thermal protection on the recommended setup. Otherwise it ran very well.


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