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    Kai Krzyzanowski


    First of all thanks for those Crazy airplanes 🙂 Been printing the Spitfire and look forward to print some more 🙂

    I tried your prepared gcodes And changed only the extruder from 100 to 98 in my display of the Geeetech I3 pro B so the weight of the parts is okay.
    But my problem is that the retract of the prepared gcodes is too less (I need 2 mm) If i print the single parts I get stringing in the part because I need 2 mm retract.
    If I print the gcodes with 4 parts on the print area I get a drop on the extuder after one part-Layer is ready. When the extruder now drives to the second part over some other perimeters the drop gets bigger and is whiped of on the already existing perimeters. I hope you understand 🙂
    So is it possible for me to change the retract in your gcodes ?
    When I slice the stls by myself in cura I get z-scars, because cura always beginns a new layer always on the same point. Your prepared gcodes dont have theses z-scars so I would like to use them.
    These z scar is very vissible because Im printing with silver. I think in white or coloured it is not that vissible.
    Thanks for your help 😉

    Best regards,

    Stepan Dokoupil

    Hello, the best solution is to try our Factory S3D files and edit only retraction(in all processes), you can download Simplify3D with two week money back action now so it should be free… (but I guess you never want go back to CURA)

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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