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    I tried now 3 times to print the wing part L3B on my MK2S with the original gcode file. At a hight from 20mm there is an offset in X and Y axis.
    Is this an error in the gcode file?

    The wing L3A I printed with no problems.

    any ideas?



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    Ok, at ca. 50% it will build a bridge over the hole in the middle of the WL3B part. Both ends on the right and the left side are bent upwards, so the printing head jumps and the printer lost his position. Now I interrupt the printing and bent both sides with a hot tool down and continuing the print. Now it is all perfekt.
    Normally I print the parts in a closed box around the printer to get a temperature of ca. 25 degrees. I think it was better now to print with open doors. So the filament is cooling much quicker. But this was not the complete solution as I wrote before. I have to interrupt and bent the ends down to prevent the head to jump and lost his position.
    Who has printed this part without problems?

    Thank you

    Petr Šťásek

    Hi Gert, no problem experienced on my print, but maybe your material is a bit more difficult printing bridges or overhangs. Lowering the hotend temperature or turning up cooling a little along this spot might help fight the curling.

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