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    Hi, as I understood in the manual page 15 I have to heat the fuselage_1 +30min in boiling water. I did so and the part is shrunken. I do not fit to part_2 anymore, it is too small now. Is the a missunderstanding to do so?



    I also tried annealing part 01 in boiling water and experienced the same shrinkage. I reprinted the part and left it attached to the printer bed. I placed a small cardboard box over the part and raised the temperature of the bed to 100C. I left the part inside the box at that temp for about 45 minutes and then turned off the heat and let the part cool down to room temperature. When I released the part from the bed it was the correct size.


    Hi radfordc,

    this is a great idea. I will try it.
    Thank you so much
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    Here are the two different parts. The black part was annealed in boiling water; the blue was left on the print bed.

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    AvatarMichael Morgan

    The annealing on the bed has work for me. Here is a video that shows how I do it-


    But does this work with regular PLA? I have PLA that can be annealed but it is a special PLA that has ingredients that crystalize (Ingeo 850).


    Annealing PLA is critical in my opinion.
    I tried to anneal several parts with several methods, but despite the parts get more heat resistant indeed, they also tend to shrink and worst, they get very brittle.
    PLA is not known to be very flexible in it’s “natural” condition, but after annealing, my parts lost the last tiny bit of flexibility and tended to break even at small impacts.

    I think this is also critical with the motor mounts/firewalls which are suggested to be annealed by 3Dlabprint. Personally I prefer to use other materials for these parts instead of annealing PLA. Maybe there is a proper way for annealing, but I also guess there is not one dummy proof way for every material, but a special one for each brand or even each batch of a certain PLA material.


    Both regular and PLA + can be annealed.

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    As Alex Kran mentioned on Facebook, Epoxy resin coat significantly improves the heat resistance as well. Maybe you could try it as an alternative to annealing.


    I just tried annealing the Dusty mount and it seems ok. No shrinkage. I boiled mine in water but I did not let it sit on the bottom of the pan but had it suspended mid water. I think if you let it sit on the bottom of the pan the temperature could exceed 100 and cause shrinkage.

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