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    Someone got a good quality with the model airplanes that has a heart to make available the used profile for kindness.


    I’d like to see if anyone has a profile created in Cura or S3D as well. We use so many profiles for the different things we print on our CR-10 printers it would be nice to find one to use as a starting point.



    I am close on CR10S with S3D profile. Need some help. Is anyone else trying CR10S and would like to share back and forth to get settings tweaked?


    I been using my CR-10S for quite some time printing 3dlabprint planes. I also use this trick for my ender 3 as well.. slice it with S3D the factory file. open gcode with notepad ++, hit search, then find and replace find G1 E-0.8000 F1800 and replace it with G1 E-3.7000 F5000 hit replace all, then load it in printer….
    This is not my fix i found the post here that told me to do this but i dont know where it is anymore the post to give credit. but i have had no issues so far with this trick. not sure if it works with TPU yet or not.


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    i use cr-10 and s3d for a long time with no problem…..
    as all the printers need deferend tuning i give a start point for a good print
    you can use the s3d factory files you open it and then you must change
    Retraction Distance from 0.8 to 5.8mm
    retraction speed from 30 to 60 mm
    this is the most crusial part you mast change now the temperature is up to you and the layer height
    just you mast know the cr-10 step motors they have 0.04 mm per step sho the 0.25mm layer height is not good..
    for big parts i change it to 0.26 and for smaller one i use 2.4
    maybe you going to need a litle more extra restart distance u can start from the factory 0.12 and if you see gaps in the prints you must increase it…. i use 0.18 in my printer ….
    as i say this is a starting point still maybe you need somthing more all the cr-10 are not the same…… if you have any other problem post the problem i can give a advice if i can……
    greatings from greece

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    and here are some of my prints

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    I am having a bit of issues with the prints making a cross pattern as it prints. It is making a U on the internal supports but not joining on the outer skin. I know its got to be a slicer issue. I have simplify3d and have followed a bunch of settings and prints are coming out great in my testing phase. Ignore the .4 layer height with my .8 nozzle I have switched back to .4 just wanted to see the weight difference.

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    I got it figured out looks like the extra restart distance.

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