Does anyone have a factory file for UM2+?

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    Justin Boetsma

    So I bought the plans for the P51 mustang and have had only decent results. I am using an ultimaker 2+ which does amazing work on anything I’ve printed but not these planes. I am using simplify 3D but can’t seem to get rid of the excessive amount of stringing inside the prints. I’ve tried turning in the retraction but it has little affect. I know bowden style extruders aren’t ideal for thin wall printing but I have seen others print planes successfully on the ultimakers.



    Geoff Sim

    Look at the factory files provided, especially the wipe and restart values. Using these, I got rid of all stringing on my machine. I modify the supplied factory files to suit my machine.

    Rich Short

    These are the settings I used on the UM2+.
    (Simplify 3D)
    Nozzle Diameter:0.40mm
    Extrusion Multiplier:1.03mm
    Extrusion Width:0.42mm
    – Distance: 4.0mm
    – Extra Restart Distance: 0.08mm
    – Vertical Lift: 0mm
    – Speed: 25.0 mm/s
    Coast at End: 1.00mm
    Wipe Nozzle Distance: 2.00mm

    Layer height: 0.24mm

    Primary Extruder Temp: 225c

    Everything else is set the same as per 3D LabPrint instructions for wing2per2, aileron, etc. The 3D lab print P38 videos have good guide to the rest of the settings.
    If you reposition anything make sure the rotation of the parts lines up with the position of the retractions. You can see this when you click print in S3D & tick Retractions on the left. I generally started with the supplied factory files but made new processes.

    Hope this helps.

    Some photos:

    Justin Boetsma

    Thanks everyone, I’ll give it a try. Still new to simplify3d

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