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    On website is described:
    3530 1100KV grade motor
    30A ESC
    3S 1500 mAh battery
    11″ x 6″ folding prop and spinner
    3x 9g servo
    4 ch radio system
    10mm diameter carbon tube
    piano wire for pushrods
    CA hinge sheet
    velcro straps

    In User Guide is listed:
    Propeller: 11/6 folding propeller
    Motor: Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV or similar 3530-35, 2830-36 1100kv
    ESC: Aerostar 40A Electronic Speed Controller or similar 40Amps
    Battery: Li-Pol Battery 1500mAh/3s – or similar

    and further down in the instructions is listed:
    4x 9g Servo HXT900
    2x Servo Lead Extension or similar
    prop 9/6 10/5

    So either 3 or 4 servos, 30A or 40A ESC, 11×6/9×6/10×5 prop.
    That’s a lot of potential variations.

    With this being a beginner plane, I would suggest consistent and specific recommendations of what to install. For many users printing this plane, “…or similar” is not an option as they have no base knowledge for comparison.

    I have also noticed a number of grammatical and/or linguistic errors in the user guide. I am happy to go through it and correct any mistakes I may find (authoring and proof-reading technical documentation is a large part of my job). Please contact me if you are interested in this.


    You need three servos. Prop – they are simply choices. I got the 11/6. Works with the 1100kv motor.
    30A or 40A – I think both is viable. Personally I use a 40A to be on the safe side.

    It gets better though. They sell a FPV conversion. None of these props will fit if you go FPV because the FPV arm is right above the prop and not enough clearance. You’d have to swap to a smaller prop and go 4S but it is not mentioned anywhere.


    The Easymax realy needs a redesign and rewrite of the manual. Too long nose part for the turnigy motor, inconsistent manual, easy-breaking fin (redesign done by myself, but not sure if it’s OK to upload..), no detachable wing (mod available), FPV inconsitency..

    To add another config: I’m using a 8×6″ prop on the turnigy motor. Given the big diameter spinner it seems to be quite fine.


    I agree. I was frustrated a couple times with this design, the nose does not fit the motor well and is fragile, and the tails is also fragile. I have had the fuselage breaks couple times at the split part under the wing. I use the reinforced parts to remove the wing, hilariously I expected the screws to rip out or the wing to snap off but the wing has been crashed a dozen time and no damage. I have been through several fuselages though, able to glue back together a few times but gentle front crashes or hard landings destroy the motor mount and the thin wall around the motor. More superstructure like in the spitfire or other planes would make that a lot stronger, and maybe a more simple cylinder fuselage would work better to. I was surprised that the receiver went between the two fuselage parts, and not inside, did. It realize that until I built it.

    I like the plane, just needs a few tweaks to be less fragile.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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