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    on all the trunks STL files I have only the trunk 3 of the left wing which prints perfectly with the internal structure! on all the others it impresses me that the outer shell! nothing inside
    I’m a repeater host with the CURA slicer and a TEVO TARANTULA!
    could anyone give me EASYMAX files that work. I contacted 3dlabprint but nobody answers! and I did not find the answer on the forum.
    thank you


    I have exactly the same problem with mattercontrol! it certainly comes from the file!
    does anyone have files that work?

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    Hi there. Your recent order on 3DLabPrint has been completed. Your order details are shown below for your reference:
    Product Expires Download
    EASYMAX 001 Never EASYMAX001_STL.zip
    FPV conversion kit for EASYMAX001 Never EASYMAX001_FPV_conversion.zip
    Order # 58004
    Product Quantity Price
    EASYMAX 001

    Download: EASYMAX001_STL.zip

    1 $ 20.00
    FPV conversion kit for EASYMAX001

    Download: EASYMAX001_FPV_conversion.zip

    $ 1 5.00
    Subtotal: $ 25.00
    Payment method: PayPal
    Total: $ 25.00
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    have you tried looking at the files with Simplify 3D (think there is a free trial)? I had the same issues with the Edge 540 using Cura about a year ago but once I used S3D it sees everything just fine with the same files. It’s actually the only thing I use S3D for is planes. I use Slic3r PE for everything else. Sorry can’t help with this specific plane as I didn’t buy it so can’t test the files. Just thought I’d give my experience it may help. Sorry if it doesn’t.


    thank you for your reply ; I have linux mint and I have not yet found a free version.
    I hope to find her up quickly. thank you


    i bought simplify3d and everything works fine with this slicer

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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