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    I am trying to print Edge plane on Rebel II with MatterControl.

    I would like to ask for a help with identifying the correct settings for each part. I am obviously starting with small parts to make sure that my basic settings are ok. Once everything is tuned up, I will go for bigger parts and I will use your settings including placement of several parts for a single print.

    I have a doubt that I used correct settings for Motor mount, because it seems to be very thin (to keep motor firmly attached). STL model seems to be solid, but I printed hollow part.

    Please advise which setting file needs to be used for each STL file.

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    Stepan Dokoupil

    Hello and thanks for interest, for this parts we need use MC_thick profile which included in package, please refer to PDF/VIDEO userguide there are: MC_wing_fuse, MC_wing_tip, MC_thick and MC_ailer_elev


    Thank you for providing the profile for Motor Mount. It would be helpful to get name of the profile required for each STL file.




    OK. I have somehow skipped on first reading in the manual:

    MC_wing_fuse.slice (wing, fuselage, battery holder parts)
    MC_ailer_elev.slice (only ailerons, elevator and rudder parts)
    MC_thick.slice (motor mount, spinner)
    MC_wing_tip.slice (only wing tip)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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