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    Im new to 3D printing but an old hand at model aircraft flying. Having
    seen Flite Test and the P38 I thought I would look into printing a aircraft
    for myself. I have couple of spare 90mm ducted fan motors so I thought it
    only right I do a jet aircraft and liked the look of the Sabre.

    I have printed off some parts with different success using different filaments
    all by Sunlu. The Black filament came out well as did the clear but the silver
    coloured filament was giving me results with poor surface finish. I haven’t
    given up on silver yet as Im new to 3D printing so it may just be down to settings.

    I will post some pictures of the parts so far which are now looking good in my eyes.
    The settings Im using seems to give great results in clears so that’s the finish I
    will use for the model. Im printing at 225 degrees C, 0.25 height and 0.4 wall thickness
    using a Reality CR10 and Sunlu PLA filament.

    Regards Martin.


    Please post more news for us! I´ll start printing my Sabre very soon!

    AvatarJacob Bates

    Hi and welcome! your story is very interesting

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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