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    WOW! I prefer the Ta 152 over the FW 109-A and D models. Great choice 3DLabPrint! I have your Spitfire XVI and P-38 and this Ta 152 is assembling far easier and nicer! And I’m using ABS (which I know is not recommended) and it is going together like a dream. Love the joints and especially the shaft hinges. I might suggest you offering optional wings for a C version. Just for grins… I might try scaling these wings down the appropriate amount in the span direction to get my own C version.


    An optional undercarriage would be nice too 😉


    But with retracts ….

    AvatarSteven MacDonald

    Yes building this model now. Would love a larger version with the C model wings also.


    @dec720: Love the Tank 152 to … any (special) hints for printing this beauty in ABS (or ASA) ?
    Greetinx from germany!


    ABS – When I first got started using my 3D printer, I wanted to use ABS and now that’s all I use. According to the odometer, I’ve run 75 km of filament (99% was probably ABS with maybe 2 rolls of PLA, 1 of PETG and 1 of TPU) There was some learning curve and the main thing was to have an enclosure for the printer. The ABS, especially with these thin walled models would instantly “Frito” if any breeze (say, the room door opening) hits the model.

    On this Ta 152 the fuselage looks near perfect; however, even with the enclosure, there is some “oil canning” between the diamond shaped cells on the wings. PLA won’t have this problem, but the ABS is definitely tougher. I’m not expecting perfect cosmetics, I’m still trying to learn to fly.

    I use the 3DLapPrint GCODE files, but hand edit them to change the bed temperature to 100C and the nozzle temperature to 255C. That’s all I do differently.

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    I have finished printing the Ta 152 in ABS.


    please landing gear retract pleaseeee 😭


    I am currently working on this and have a question for anyone who has already assembled this model. I am having great difficulty getting 1.1mm piano wire to was along the hinge channel in the ailerons. It seems that if if I can force it through it will be so tight the ailerons would be pretty firmly stuck. I wonder is there any way to enlarge the hole in the aileron and print again? Using a drill to widen the hole is not an option as its too deep for a drill. Any ideas?

    Best regards,


    AvatarMerv Dale

    Hi, All
    I have started printing the TA-152 with my AnyCubic I3 Mega and the Mega X, I am using simplify3d latest version but I find using the Gcodes supplied that the sections built so far are so flimsy that I don’t believe I can put it together without crushing some of the parts and that it would even survive a hand launch

    Using the supplied STL files with simplyfy3d is interesting as they do not show correctly in the edit process( half the file is transparent and you have to rotate it to see if it’s all there( yes my copy of simplyfy 3dd is legal)

    The other issue I have is that I am now trying to print using what I believe is the printer settings from the appropriate part’s Gcode but but using the STL file and just increasing the perimeter to 2 instead of one. The problem wit this is I cannot get two section ( in this case the fuselarge parts 2 & 3 to join/butt together so that can they eventually be glued.
    Any ideas or help would be much appreciated .


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    Make sure the file you are choosing is not LW which is for Light Weight will cut your extrusion multiplier down to .5 I did this once and ended up with what you described, really flimsy parts.


    please landing gear retract pleaseeee

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