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    I have printed a bf109 H version which has longer wings. I used CA glue (medium) but without the accelerator. But i find the glue is very brittle. Couldn’t fly it yet but i tried dropping the wing on the bed from a hight of approximately 50 cm the wing brakes from the pasted joints. Please give me a suggestion how to improve the strength of the joints. Is the ca glue is very brittle coz I’m not using the accelerator or is it due to my countries tropical weather. Becaus i have never seen anybody complaining about CA glue. Please give ma suggestion as I’m still acared to fly this thing because i know it’s gonna brake at the belly landing.

    AvatarMichael Morgan

    Most FoamSafe CA’s need activator and will not set properly. It’s been my experience that using standard CA without activator is typically less brittle. What are you using on your bed for adhesion, sometimes that will not allow the CA to bond properly. I’d suggest doing some tests with some small parts, try cleaning with alcohol or even sanding the joint then glue.


    There is a problem with your glue, I crashed my 109 an few weeks age, no glue joints broke. The joints are stronger than the parts themselves


    Had the same problem with CA, used a different CA and it seems to be better, not all CA’s are the same.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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