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    Hi all,

    I’m interested in this topic as I have some 400mm tall printers that I would like to test with some of these models. I’m currently having some slicing issues at the moment though as I need to use relative extruder movements and Cura only uses absolute from what I can tell, but when I find a solution I will definitely attempt to stitch a few parts together.

    I would be happy to help the community/3DLabprint with this if there is away but appreciate that would be difficult to organise due to the fact that the models cannot be shared.

    If someone from 3DLabprint reads this then please feel free to get in to touch, maybe I can stitch just two parts together as a test for you to evaluate 😉

    @MartinKirby – After you have imported the STL into Blender try pressing the ‘/’ key on the number pad, this should centre the part in front of the camera.



    Cura 3.6 under special modes you can select relative extrusion.
    Probably the same with earlier versions


    Thanks for that Martin, I finally realised I was on an older version (2.6) that didn’t have the the option. Working better now but still under extruding, will need to do some more tweaking next week.


    I merge all possible Parts. It´s saving Time and makes Parts stronger. Also saves weight like Qtrainer Part F7 F8 merged 79g singel print 90g plus glue. My Printer is a CR10 with Volcano Hotend.

    Attached some Pictures from Qtrainer F7+F8, L3+L4 and Zivko Edge Fuselage Up 01+ 02.

    I know printer starting Point for Print wasn´t the best on the Zivko. But this Edge is just for testing with 10 Euro Filament from Kaisertech. Cheap but crazy Colour lol.

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