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    IN the F-86 Sabre Gcode download file under wings there is no Gcode for L9 or L10. I downloaded when it was new and I just downloaded again to verify and still not there. I can create my own just figured I’d point it out maybe it can get fixed. Kinda surprised it hasn’t been fixed with the plane being out this long already.

    AvatarJacob Bates

    WTF, I hope you’ll decide your problem



    a few weeks ago I bought Spitfire MkIX at your shop. So far is everything good. But I cannot find gcode for “LG wing cover” part. Only factory file but I don’t have Simplify3D, so I cannot open it.
    Can you please help me with this problem?

    I wrote you 2 emails but nobody answer me. :/



    Almost printed my Sabre and just found that left wing tip is missing from g-codes… should be easy to fix you guys. For me it means buying Simplify3D that I will not need otherwise.


    Well after printing everything it’s filename not file that is faulty. So it should be F-86A Wing LR9-10.gcode 😉

    AvatarSteven Duffy

    Hi 98MIK98. I have the same problem. Did you receive an answer? In the STL codes there is a file Named ‘Spitfire Mk IX Retract Cover, but when I print this it is unrecognisable as a Spitfire part. I have e-mailed 3D Labprint 6 times now without a reply. The undercarriage doors are clearly shown in the Userguide.


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Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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