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    Petr, news?


    Quick question about the rear deck. If I print it with the mounting holes, the bed had an elevated area for posts, but if I print with no holes, the bed is flat. What is your mounting procedure without the mounting holes? Do I have to do something different with the shock mounts? Thanks!


    Completely off the wall question/request. The tires you are using for the MATV are great and I know we can purchase them from RC4WD but I was wondering if you could draw up a file or split set of files so we can print them in TPU?

    Thanks, Jon.

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    Avatarrob beuker

    are there any plans for extra parts or upgrades for this model ?
    at the moment im prepping the body to suit the trx-4
    is this done before?

    regards rob


    Hello Rob and everybody who were asking about new parts:

    Plans yes, multiple of them. I have prepared roof gun (M2), different rear truck body, exhaust pipe, front wheel archs (those are really needed), and spare wheel holder with ladder. But I got in to time troubles with my work and other activities and I’m affraid those parts are not enough for release yet. I was also planning Medical rear truck body, shield for roof gun, dummy payload and ammo boxes, front weighted bumper… but at the moment time is the issue. I should have a plenty of time around Christmas time, so I hope something might came out of that, finally after so many years of waiting, for which I’m sorry about 🙂

    To Jon: Interesting idea. I never printed elastomers, because my Ultimaker is not very good for it. I might need a bit more info from you, because those tires don’t have flat spot, so is it possible and reliable to glue two halfs together?

    To eggwhite: Without holes is universal solution. I have it on Axial, so I had to make space for columns, that is why version with holes is elevated. Without holes is pretty much for your creativity. I never used different way of mounting, but I’m pretty sure more people did.

    To Loris: Amazing! Thank you very much for sharing pictures 🙂

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    AvatarWill Holloway

    Hello, have you released the extras for the matv yet? Thank you

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