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    Dose anyone have other recommendations for the eco performance motor that available in the US . Recommended HK Turnigy D3530/14 1100KV Brushless Outrunner Motor looks to be only available in U.K. or Australia.

    James McGall

    I have spent hours sorting though motors trying to find one that isn’t too expensive but will also work

    Turnigy L3010C-1300kv (420w) $12.55
    Dimension: 37mm x 18mm
    Weight: 87g
    Kv: 1300rpm/V
    Voltage: 11.1v (3s)
    Max Power: 420w
    Max Current: 40.1A
    No load Current: 1.8A
    Diameter of shaft: 4mm
    Thrust: 1650g
    ESC: 50A~60A

    The admin on this forum said this “should work” but may need some experimentation with the propeller you use

    With these motors you would also need 2 50Amp ESC’s (these motors are higher current, lower voltage) which are heavier and more expensive than the ones for the regular engines.

    I haven’t bought mine yet, am about to look at more options. I’ll let you know what I see

    James McGall

    I think we want something between 300-500 watts of power. With a max thrust above 1100g
    The D3530 is 315W with a max thrust of 1100g
    the 4008Q (his hot recommended motor) has a max power of 555 W and is 45mm diameter
    so keeping that in mind im going to list the motors I see below – I DO NOT KNOW if these will work, I just think they could work based off the info above.

    Also keep in mind the max current of the motor, you will want an ESC higher than your motor Max current.

    here is a tutorial on matching electronics https://www.hobbywarehouse.com.au/articles/the-matching-process-continued.html

    Feel free to chime in and let me know why any of these are idiotic or won’t work. I’m new to this too so I am still learning

    HobbyKing Donkey ST3007-1100kv – $10.50 (perhaps a bit underpowered?)
    Dimensions: 36 x 24mm
    Shaft: 4.0mm
    Voltage: 11.1v
    Weight: 76g
    No-load current: 1.8a @ 11.1v
    Max Current: 32A
    Max Watts: 280W
    Mounting Holes: 44mm
    Prop Data:
    10×4.7 – 11.1v – 21A – 1150g Thrust
    9050 – 11.1v – 18A – 900g Thrust
    1060 (3 blade) – 11.1v – 23A – 1200g Thrust

    HobbyKing Donkey ST3508-730kv – Slightly more power, $10.60
    Dimensions: 41 x 28mm
    Shaft: 5.0mm
    Voltage: 11.1v~14.8v
    Weight: 115g
    No-load current: 1.9A @ 11.1v
    Max Current: 35A
    Max Watts: 330W
    12×6 – 11.1v – 16A – 1060g Thrust
    13X4 – 11.1v – 15A – 1140g Thrust
    10×5 – 14.8v – 16A – 1180g Thrust

    Turnigy L3010C-1300kv (420w)(listed in commment above) -what I would like to buy, but needs expensive ESC’s because of current draw.

    D4023 850kv Brushless Outrunner Motor $13.96 – this one has decent reviews and I think is the proper length. might buy this? need 40 amp ESC
    Rpm/V: 850kv
    Max Watts: 380W
    Max Amps: 35A
    Max Volt: 7.4~14.8v (2~4S)
    Idle Current: 1.5A
    Resistance: 0.039 ohms
    Weight: 107.1g
    Shaft: 4mm x 39mm threaded
    Can Size: 41mm
    Mount Diameter: 30mm
    Prop test.
    12×6 11.1v 27A 1600g


    Hi James,

    Thanks for the reply. I think I found something that may be compatible with the recommended eco D3530 . The NTM Prop Drive Series 35-30 1100kv / 380w has a bit more power and requires 40amp esc but the physical size should be the same as the D3530/14 1000kv. I have a 35-30-1400kv and the are a close,close match. Oh, don’t for get the accessory pack.

    NTM Prop Drive Series 35-30 1100kv / 380w:

    Thanks again for the help.

    Petr Šťásek

    Hi guys,

    take a look at DYS D3530/1100 from banggood, looks pretty similar to the turnigy and are slightly cheaper. Got them in my P-38, but I still didn’t manage to maiden it. Once tested, I’ll post a result.


    there’s even a 3536 variant, bigger, heavier, but more powerfull


    James McGall

    The 3530 – 1100kv and 3536 should work no problem

    I was just picky enough to want something already in my country.. I’ve been stuck waiting for months for items to ship from China before and was hoping to fly soon as the weather is nice.

    I successfully acquired all the parts I needed from us distributors after hours of searching and part matching, only to find the controller I want is out of stock everywhere.

    So now I will be waiting for the qx-7 to be in stock somewhere. But in the meantime I guess I can print more planes!

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