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    In the manual there is a drawing with estimated weight for each part.
    If you add everything together you get a total print weight of 2166 gram. In the manual parameters the print weight is 1480 grams. Rather confusing.
    My last print in PETG , the print weight is about 1900 grams, and fully equipped the weight is ca 3000 grams. It is tail heavy so I have to add some weight up front to
    get the correct CoG.
    How is this weight compared to yours ?

    AvatarMartin Klöpfer

    Hi J-r-mel,

    a print weight of round about 1900g seems to be correct. I needet to add about 100g to the nose as well for correct CoG. Depending very much on the battery and the equpment you use. I’ve chosen a very safe CoG and you can go back with it about 10mm if you dare to. As I remember my last one had a complete weight of 2890g

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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