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    AvatarJean Segers

    Hi all,

    I do not know if I’m alone with that issue: the announcement email to promote the new 3d LabGang C. U. Wave Cruiser was treated by hotmail/live/outlook as SPAM.
    I did realize it today… as always, I clicked the link, too curious about this new project and quickly decided to add it to my shopping cart.
    Of course, the promotion code has expired…
    So, please 3Dlab guys do send a new code to all your loyal customers to correct this problem and give everyone the opportunity to be in the first place to order this new model.

    Thank you,


    AvatarUlf Raudberget


    I asked for an extension of the discount and I will let you know what comes out.


    AvatarJean Segers

    FYI, last Saturday I found an email from Petr Šťásek in my box with a new code 😀
    I’ve immediately proceeded the order and downloaded the boat files.
    Happy ^_^

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Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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