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    What gives with this PT-17 print? no tabs not a single thing has tabs or tit’s to keep things aligned? I have put together some really nice stuff from you guys the small spit the large spit the F4U the edge the P-38L the mig-15 F-86 plus others…. does 3dlabprint have more designs like this? that does not have anything to help keep things aligned? if so i would like to know what ones they are so i can stay away from them….. TBH if the other models was not so good as they are. I would have shoved this PT-17 back to you for a return. The mig-15 and the F-86 made up for this quality issue 🙂 question is:
    what planes are designed like the PT-17 with no tabs are anything to help with alignment? besides the PT-17 so i can stay away from them….


    Are you sure it’s not a slicing issue? I’m printing PT17 parts at the moment, and most of them had tabs so far.

    By the way, I always remove them before printing using meshmixer as they make sanding the mating surfaces impossible. So while I agree it’s not all perfect in the designs, the tabs seem to be a point of view thing 😉


    I am also missing some guiding tabs on the PT17 wings. I now have a warped or twisted upper wing due to this. Have tried to force it strait using a hot air gun, but I am probably to coward with the temperature. No luck so far. I did fly it though, required a massive amount of aileron subtrim. Looks horrible.
    Printing a new upper wing as we speak. Still not sure what method to use to get it glued together strait. Ideas?

    Also, for the record, on my Ender3pro I needed to modify retract and raise nozzle temp to get any usable wing and fuse parts.
    Patched the gcode files as I do not have any usable slicer with those stl files. Temp changed from 230 to 240 degrees C and retract changed by a global replace from: “G1 E-0.8000 F1800” to: “G1 E-3.7000 F5000”

    Other parts needed a bit less retract:
    G1 E-1.200 F1800


    how they was sliced was i use the supplied factory file. slice with S3D i think i was running 4.1.1 at the time then i run on the prusa and/or i edit the gcode for the cr-10 or my ender i just ran 4.1.2 S3D and looks like i got same result im not seeing any alignment tabs in preview mode.

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