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    Stepan DokoupilStepan Dokoupil

    Your favorite setup, servos or any equipment for 3DLabPrint planes


    I’ve had to add 120g nose weight on my spitfire running the 3S 1100kv setup.
    Does anyone else run that much weight to balance the CG as it’s left my total flying weight at 1033g…

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    Zivko Edge 540v3
    Motor: RAY G2 C3536-1250 (420W, max 38A)
    ESC: RAY 40A / 3A BEC
    Battery: Turnigy 3S 2200mAh 25C
    Propeller: APC 11×5,5

    The plane goes vertical with no problem and battery lasts for 3 minutes of full power flight (aprox. 7 minutes total)

    AvatarJeff Fairbanks

    Y won’t my wing fit the fuselage? What kind of radio do I need to fly this? 4channel? Or 6 channel with flaps? I have 2 4 channnel 2.4ghz radio systems will they work or do I need somthing else . Thanks

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    Jeff: With 4 channel radio you’ll be probably ok only with planes without rudder, like Easymax, Spitfire, Mustang or P-47 in simplest version. There are 2 channels for ailerons, 1 for elevator and 1 channel for ESC. You could probably fit the ailerons to the Y cable but you won’t be able to control the differentiation (Aileron goes up 10mm and down 5mm for example) which is quite crucial for proper flight characteristics.

    If you really mean flying RC models, go for Taranis QX7. It’s a cheap, but powerful radio for a very reasonable price.

    Gil ElgezGil Elgez

    I have added 50g to the nose of the spitfire just to get the CG moved towards the marked spots on the wings (using 1100KV setup as well with 3S 2200mAh jammed all the way in).
    However I did add 9g servo at the tail area for rudder control, which made things worse. My total weight is abbot 960g.

    I haven’t flown the plane yet though…


    Hi Jeff, Look this has nine channels I use it more than a year is very good.

    AvatarMichal Kokoska

    Hello Peter,

    could you please share the way you did fasten the baterry for the Edge?
    Picture would be nice.
    The user guide / videos do not show this.

    Thank you in advance,

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    I glued a piece of epp foam to the battery holder on the wing. Cube cca 2x2x2 cm holds the battery all the way to the front. CG is good.

    Nalepený kousek EPP na tom držáku baterky co je na křídle. Tlačí to baterku dopředu a těžiště mi tak vychází dobře.

    Kousek EPP jsem taky vlepil jako přepážku do trupu za kabinou, tam, kde každý to letadlo instinktivně chytá. Nic to neváží a nehrozí promáčknutí trupu.

    AvatarMichal Kokoska

    Super, dakujem za info!


    I’ve had to add 120g nose weight on my spitfire running the 3S 1100kv setup.

    That’s way too much. I’m flying a pretty similar 3s setup (Hacker A30-28s / Graphene 3s 2200mAh) and had to add about 10 grams. Also I used the fuse where the motor is inside the cowl, so more towards the CG, making it even worse).

    What tail servo are you using? how did you hinge the tail? Where is your receiver/ESC, and so forth?

    Basically the spit will have a tendency to be tail-heavy. The 1:1 plane is more of a ‘flying engine’ u huge clunk of motor-metal up front, so they kept the nose short to keep the CG manageable.

    Instead of making the nose more heavy, investigate why the tail is so heavy, and make it lighter. Also, 120 gram in the nose _could_ be caused by say 10-15 gram in the tail.

    If there is no further room to make the tail lighter, you might consider switching to a a pull/pull setup for the elevator, moving the servo to on or before the CG, and using wires top/bottom to move the elevator. However, it should not be needed for the proposed 3s setup.

    Another small weight save on the tail which is easily made, is replacing the servo wire to the elevator servo with thin winding wire.


    P47 D Retract
    Motor: AX-4008Q KV620
    ESC: YEP ESC 40A (2-6S) SBEC Brushless Speed Controller
    Battery: 2200ma 30c 22.2v 6s1p
    Prop: APC 11×5.5-E

    All ordered thru links to hobby king web site (except battery which was not available from hobby king link).

    On maiden flight, the ESC caught fire and was destroyed (along with front half of fuselage).
    Local hobby store has indicated that the motor is for a quad copter and should not be used in plane because of amperage draw (I don’t understand the incompatibility issue).
    Any ideas as to why I encountered this problem?



    I dont know there reasoning behind saying that. I see AX-4008Q used in a few of the planes. Are you sure it was the ESC that caught fire and not the Lipo? Reason I ask is the ESC tend to sit under the lipo batteries and if a cell went it would have enough heat to take the plane with it and most of the electronics.

    Also other possible option could have been a short one of the gold leads touching another one or some point on the ESC causing to over load it.



    Yes definitely the escape that caught fire. It is really crispy. The factory wire leads to the battery and the three wires that were connected to the motor were all melted loose at the solder connection to the esc.
    Please note the link to the battery on the 3d lab print battery returns no results. Also note that hobby king literature rates the motor at a max of a 5 sell battery…. not the 6 cell battery listed in 3d lab print user guide.

    The P47 is a tail dragged with limited wheel size due to retract wheel wells in the wing. I fly on grass field. Hit a bump on take off roll and the plane easily noses over at full throttle. The 6 cell battery has a short term power surge (don’t remember the correct term) of about 130 amps….this is well above all 3d lab print recommend motor and esc ratings. My guess is a motor rated at a 5 cell battery max, a 40 amp esc and a battery surge of 130 amps when the plane noses over…the first thing to go is the esc.
    My plan is a bigger esc, smaller battery and bench test the configuration using an amp meter . I expect Interisting results when I throw a towel (or something ) into the prop when at full power (trying to simulate a nose over on takeoff. Yes I have a fire extinguisher and a confetti broom.
    Any advise is appreciated.


    I have an EDGE 540 and I am using these electronics, What prop should I use?
    MOTOR – D3536 motor
    ESC – 50amp esc
    BATTERY – 3000mah 3s 11.1v 30c Burst 50c


    EDIT- added the c rating of the battery.

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