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    AvatarMichael Morgan

    It depends on the KV of the motor, here is some testing data for different KV’s using a 3S setup-

    Testing Data:
    KV (rpm/v) Power Prop Ri (M ?) Thrust ESC
    1450 655W 9×6 0.023 1380g 50A
    1250 500W 10×4.7 0.034 1270g
    1000 480W 11X5.5 0.052 1160g
    910 470W 12×5 0.063 1050g



    the added info you gave on the replay does help. Looks like maybe the ESC had a fault with it. Test the setup on foam board vs in a 3D printed plane.

    example setup would be like in this video.

    also as you wire things up in the plane double check you have power correct (wrong wiring will blow ESC almost right away not delayed like your issue).


    Hi Michael,

    My motor is a 1250kv motor but I want to try and get the max amount of thrust without frying any electronics, could I use a 11×5 or a 10×7 prop would that be a proplem? (get it proplem 🙂 or do I have to use a 10×4.7 prop?.



    How many channels does the P38 require with retractable landing gear ? Ive got a 8 channel radio and wondering if its enough. Ive noticed on the flitetest youtube channel they are using 12 channels for some reason.


    I’m using 13 channel on mine, but I’d say you need at least 10 channels:

    2x rudders
    2x elevator
    2x ailerons
    2x flaps
    1x landing gear
    1x motors

    You can control the ailerons via Y-cable with only one channel, then you need 9 channels.

    It’s also possible to use only one channel for both rudders, elevators and flaps. But you will need a servor reverser for one of each groups’ servos.
    So the min. possible number of channel is 6.

    Petr ŠťásekPetr Šťásek

    It is possible to reverse a servo if you disassemble it and solder the motor and pot wires the other way. But you still won’t be able to adjust throws of the single servos and it may be very dificult to synchronize both flaps/elevator servos together.

    Also trimming the zero positions in different temperature conditions could be problematic.

    My recommendation:
    Get a FrSky Taranis QX7 with X6R and two Sbus to PWM converters.

    X6R has both ailerons, both flaps, steering and nose gear (6 channels)
    Put Sbus to PWM converter into each motor nacelle and plug in the elevator, rudder, motor and main gear (4 channels each)

    This way you make the wiring as simple as possible and you can also balance the load between both ESC BECs. If you want to be super safe, use a separate BEC to power the central section devices.


    Cheers for the replies. I dont want to purchase a new TX just yet. I think I will try a less complex model for my 8 channel TX first. I probably better pick a model thats docile to fly, as Im coming from a CCPM heli & multirotor background. I wil definitely pickup a foamie as a bridge to get use to planes.

    AvatarBurton Hooker


    I’m not sure how much I had to add to mine but I did have to add a lot.


    Hi everyone.

    Is there anyone there that could tell me which servos do you use for the F4U Corsair? On the “user guide” it specifies only the dimensions, but not the torque/grams.

    Thanks and have a good flight!


    Fratello – The F4U user guide links to the TR-1160A servos. The have a torque of 2.7 – 3kg/cm. The weight is 16g. More details are at

    Petr – I do need to get a Tx and I’m looking at the model you recommend for my F4U Corsair. Unfortunately, I don’t see the X6R receiver, but the X8R seems to be the equivalent with 8 channels. The specs on the X8R say that with the SPort you can get a full 16 channels from that receiver. Is that what the Sbus to PWM converters are for? And how many channels do those need to have for the F4U? Very confused here.


    Hi Everyone,

    As a beginner I need help with RC/servo setup on Qtrainer.
    I have 6CH radio and manual for Qtrainer says you need 5 Ch. But If I put both ailerons on Y cable and install one servo reversed then I need only 4 ch?
    Is this correct setup?

    Thank you,

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