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    AvatarRick Lynch

    Has anyone used or tried to use a SLA, DLP or LCD Resin 3D Printer to print these models/planes?

    I’m curious because you can purchase a Moai SLA for the price of a higher end FDM machine but yield much higher accuracy in parts, plus they are UV cured so the sunshine would be perfect for them!

    Peopoly Moai 200-SLA: 200x200x250mm
    – $3100 US

    Phrozen Transform-LCD: 292x165x400mm
    – $1700-$1800 US (kickstarter, but are established with other machines ie: Phrozen Shuffle XL)

    Photocentric LC Pro-LCD: 470x240x340mm
    – $4800 US (Yeah, I know, very expensive!)

    Point is, there are options for using Resin based machines and was wondering if anyone has tried this out yet?
    Does one have control within the slicers for giving extra bottom layers as per FDM etc…?


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