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    Hi Guys,

    What is your method for smooth finish?
    I came from DLP/SLA printer world and I love the smooth finish of those prints.
    After a bit of experimentation I came up with riddicilously obvious idea! Use UV resin as a finish!
    It’s viscosity means it actually fills up all the gaps.

    I started with easymax – this is my first build.

    Here are the parts before finish and after finish.
    The best thing – the resin finish only added 8g to the whole section of the wing!

    bellow is first attempt at the technique



    Photos 🙂

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    Hi there I’ve been thinking about this too and would like other user’s to throw there ideas in too. I’m printing the edge540 64″ and was wondering if i could use filler primer,sand and spray for the perfect finish, but was wondering weather PLA might melt with filler primer ?. Sanding with wet n dry paper works but leaves the PLA all scratched so the only end from this is to spray it.

    Any advice would be great



    I am also on an easymax and I asked myself the same question.
    To smooth the PLA there is also methylene chloride or caustic soda but it is much more violent.
    I also thought of resin more in the consolidate the structure than for the aesthetic aspect.

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