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    Well, finally maidened mine on the week-end.

    Ended up with a take-off weight of bang on 2600 grams, with a C.G. at about 80mm.

    Can’t believe how well it flew! Required no trimming at all, and takeoff and landing were nice and easy.

    I was running mine on 3S using the recommended eco setup. I was using quite a fat battery (Graphene 3S 4000), with the ESC sitting on top of the battery. This was a bad idea! After landing at around 4 minutes the ESC and motor were very hot, which I’m guessing is because of restricted airflow. I’m planning on extending the ESC leads so that it can sit under the front seat, and use a slimmer battery to improve airflow. This will move the C.G. back a little, but I think it can handle it.

    Would be interested to see where others have positioned their ESC’s.

    Thinking of trying her on 4S, with max throttle set at 80% to see if that is a more economical and cooler running setup.

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    Nice pics and info.

    Was the CoG 80mm back from the bottom wings leading edge?


    Sorry for the confusion.

    80mm back from the leading edge of the top wing, which is approx equal to 0mm from the leading edge of the lower wing (the recommended C.G.)

    Others have suggested that the C.G. can go as far back as around 95mm behind the leading edge of the top wing.
    My next flight will be at 85mm. Will let you know how it goes.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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