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    It appears that the bolt holes in the nose are not attached to anything when being printed. I have tried making bottom layer thicker but this does not fill the supporting area.
    I am using Simplify 3D so its probably me not programming something correctly..Any help will be fantastic..Thanks


    Fuselage 3 is a rear section, I guess you mean fuselage part 7? I recommend to look at the basic gcode files, there you can always see how the settings vary along print height. This part needs at least 3 sections or however Simplify is naming them:
    – The firewall itself with the screw holes with 3 perimeters and some top and bottom layer and also some infill.
    – A short section after the firewall with 2 perimeters
    – and the rest as usual with 1 perimeter.

    In Slic3r I even splitted the firewall into a section with solid bottom layer and infill, followed by a 100% infill as the top solid layers as this improves the result slightly in this special case.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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