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    I just printed my first RC plane, a nice Stearman!
    I bought most of the electronics from Hobbyking, and of course, being a beginner I followed the setup presented on the PDF.
    All the PDF links to Hobbyking show outrunner motors, so I bought one Turnigy 3542/6 1000KV.
    Only now that the package arrived I realised that I probably bought the wrong motor. Aparently only a inrunner motor fits the Stearman.
    Can anybody confirm this, please?

    AvatarThomas Neugebauer

    Your motor is the right one and you have two options:

    1. loose the grub screws, push the shaft through the motor and mount the motor like this.
    2. print an adapter like in post 6
    In the post 2 video you can see the “push through procedure”.


    Hi Thomas,

    Many thanks for your advice.
    That should solve the problem!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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