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    Hi gang, I purchased the p-38. Using the factory G code has worked perfect on my printer. All except RightWing3. Every time I run it I get 3 layer shifts in the same place every time. I deduced it is not the printer its a bad gcode file. And now to my problem, I bought Symplifiy 3D, $150 freeking bucks! Any way. I have fumbled around and believe I have rounded up all the settings needed to slice a new file. The problem I have now is when I print a wing part, I’m getting a shadow marking of the international structure on the surface of the wing. Any ideas as to the setting that is causing this?

    AvatarBurton Hooker

    That is usually a retraction setting that needs a little more refinement. Most people just ignore it if it is very light.


    Faster retraction or more retraction distance?


    Do you not have the factory file for S3D supplied with your purchase of your p-38? That should be able to just open up in S3D and have all the settings correct for you.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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