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    I’m new to RC flying but I’ve bought most of the electronic components for my Corsair. The only things I don’t have yet are the ESC (which I’ve ordered but it is backordered at the moment), and the transmitter and receiver. The F4U User guide states that I need an 11 channel system. I’ve decided to get a 16 channel system (since I don’t see any 11- or 12-channel systems). For the Tx, I’ve heard very good things about the Jumper T16 Pro. One feature that really appeals to me is the multiprotocol support for any type of receiver.

    My big question at this point is what receiver to purchase. I have only seen one Rx that supports 10 channels and several that support 8. I’ve seen where the 8 channel receivers can support up to 16 channels by use of an “S-Bus”. I would also like something that supports telemetry. Does anyone have a recommendation on what I should be considering for a receiver?


    So far I am planning to use a 10 Channel Lemon RX with some Y cables for elevators and flaps. So for some flexibility in the setup I am using clevice at one end of eack push rod.


    if you are new to flying rc planes. this is definitely not the bird to start with. I,m printing this plane as well. it will cost you hundreds of bucks for electronics. and if you haven,t flew a rc plane ones. this one will make you crash in 5 seconds. start with a rtf plane, and get a instructor from a rc hobby fly club. and learn the basics.
    otherwise you will get disappointed very quickly.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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