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    AvatarMarc McCarthy

    hi folks, first time printing now, but running into some issues with zits, internals of wings not printing, and th wings themselves warping and buckling.

    As it is my first time trying to print the P51D, I really did not know where to start so I just went with the STL files provided, and then used the slicer settings in the pack for Cura itself. Unfortunately, things aren’t looking great.

    I know Simplfy3D is an option, really don’t want to have to buy it if I can avoid it, but I would really appreciate if anyone has any experience with Cura and the UM2+

    Many thanks in advance


    I have an Ender 3 and use the Creawesome version of Cura4.1. Last night I downloaded the test print for the P38 and sliced it and sent it to the printer this morning. It looked like it was going well and included the internal structure. When I get home from work I’ll take a look and let you know


    Hi, I have the same problem with the P51. I can’t print the internal structure. My print is a Ender 3 Pro and I use cura.

    Have you managed to print?

    AvatarRon Rovall

    Hey guys, to print this plane well you have to go back to an older version of Cura. 15.04.4 is what is recommended in the video guide. Watch the video and use the exact settings to get the thin wall printing to work. I wasted a ton of PLA trying to get a newer version to work until I went back to the video, downloaded the old version and followed the directions exactly. The prints now come out great and the plane is awesome!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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