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    I love your Aichi M6A Seiran and plan to buy it very shortly.
    One question though, why have you fitted a water rudder hanging down from the air rudder; the original had water rudders on the rear of the floats?
    Mr Jan Bassett
    Yeovil. UK


    My guess would be too keep it simple and light. Rudders could be done on the floats quite easily with servos inside the float or strut. You would need to make an access panel i imagine. Keeping it all watertight could be a challenge.


    No point guessing. It’s a pity no one has commented from 3DLP in the 6+ months since I wrote my question; it doesn’t inspire purchase of designs.

    It is normal practice to fit water rudders to the rear of floats as they look and generally work far better (too much flexibility in long thin bits of piano wire).

    Making servos and connections highly Water-resistant is easy (nothing is ever truly waterproof) and they tend not to get much spray anyway; again that’s normal practice for anyone regularly flying from water. Servos are usually just rebated in to the top of the float section so that only the very top of the body and output protrude.

    AvatarKevin Thieme

    Maiden flight went well. I added a water rudder to the right float which worked well.

    I have not had a chance to try out the landing gear yet.

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    AvatarKevin Thieme

    This should be the link to the maiden flight. https://youtu.be/n0EjgXU15Vg

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