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    Interested to know what peoples views are on the two motor setup recommendations. Does the eco setup (3542/5 1250kv) have enough power or is better to go for the performance setup (3542/6 1000kv) just to have some reserve.


    My plane with the eco setup will knife edg.


    ECO Setup here too, and it`s quite enough! the plane still has very good climb performance and vertical penetration. anything more is just weight and stress on the motor mount IMHO.


    Thought I had ordered a 3542/5 1250KV motor from HobbyKing but somehow received a 3542/6 1000KV. Finding the 3542/5 1250KV is now on back order. See attached image but the 3542/6 uses a 3 bolt pattern for attaching to a motor mount while the Stearman motor mount uses a 4 bolt pattern. Curious, as the manual states “or similar”, if anyone knows of a motor similar to the 3542/5 1250KV that fits the default Stearman printed motor mount? Thanks in advance – – – – –

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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