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    AvatarChristian Eberl

    Whooo – count me in 🙂

    Like to see how Extrudrs Green-TEC blue fits to it…

    AvatarB Kaag

    WoW, nice and impressive Corsair pics. You rock!

    A retractable and steerable tailwheel would be tricky but supercool. Will improve ground handling strongly. There are good vids on the web on such solutions for much bigger RC planes. Perhaps something 3D printable can be made for this model as well?

    Also: is this the F4U-1 or the F4U-4? The 1 has the 3 bladed prop with round engine cowl while the 4 has the four blade with the chin cooler inlet. Personally I prefer the 4, but the 1 would also be terrific.

    Any chance on a set of those distinctive drop tanks for under the belly or rockets for under wings?

    Cavities to install LED navigation lighting would also be nice, but can be tricky with folding wings?

    And, FYI: the real corsair was difficult to fly and had a terrible stall characteristic, with planes dropping like a brick in the sea on slow approach to the carrier. The Brits solved it by a lot by including a deflector on one of the wings (don’t remember if this was the right or left wing). Have no idea if that has the same effect on this much smaller RC model, but I ponder a bit if the printed corsair will be difficult to fly.

    What the Brits also did was clip the wings to fit the corsair into their carrier hangers. Just thinking that a clipped wing Corsair will likely be easier to transport in the car. Could you please provide such an option just like you guys did for the Spitfire IX?

    Keep up the good work, guys.


    Any update on the release date for the Corsair? I picked up some extra natural filament today, and I’m ready to go.

    Stepan DokoupilStepan Dokoupil

    wing structural/elastic testing almost done…

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    AvatarJorge Pi

    It look great !!!

    I’m in the process of buying the eletronics for the Piper Pawnee at Hobbyking, I want to make the most of the shipping charges. In order to do that I also want to order all the electronics (motor, esc’s, propeller, retracts, etc.) for the Corsair in advance.

    Would you please tell us your recomendations for that, to make just one order for both the Pawnee and the Corsair electronics?


    Stepan DokoupilStepan Dokoupil

    Hello, sorry, but the RC quipment for Corsair is realy not clear at this time…


    Awesom Stepan!

    I started “Dusty” for my son, and also going to make the Corsair.

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    This Corsair looks really neat and I can’t wait to jump on it as soon as it’s released.
    Is there a way to install gear doors for the main landing gear?
    Also, will the tail gear have doors? How about a retractable tail wheel?
    Keep up the amazing work! Can’t wait to print and build one.


    Can’t wait!! That will be plane #4 for me.


    Please, make it work with the same motor as the big Spitfire, it should be great for your customers ( and I ordered two by mistake 😀 ). Looking forward to it, it will be my next purchase for sure!


    the corsair wing looks amazing cant wait this is going to be my first build with a new PRUSA MK3


    What software do you use to build your planes do you scan smaller models?


    Pandjarov please keep us updated on your progress when it comes to the painting/detailing of the plane. I’m sure it should be fine with a primer and paint but I guess until it is done we won’t know. Good luck.

    Regards Ben


    Well, I am done with it, now will be painting the markings and add some weathering. Weather turned the Spitfire into my winter project so nothing better to do, right 🙂 Using filler really made the surface perfect for paint. However, it added aroung 150-200gr to the total weight. I am now at 4200gr for the spit which is still pretty good weight for that size of a plane if the glued parts hold together good enough.

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    That’s amazing! Congratulations for this finish!
    How the hell have you made the glazing? I suppose it didn’t came out of a 3D printer.

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