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    hi just to help here is my settings also if the print is a small print and the object is on its own, you need to put another object on the platform so its got time to cool before next layer.
    also changing the direction of object on platform sometimes helps to

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    Hi i use S3D and my temp is never below 210 for PLA try moving temp up anywhere from 210 and up
    and then if you are struggling with gaps I take my layer height down from 0.2 to 0.15
    and also speed can be a killer too

    hope that helps

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    it looks to me like maybe a retraction problem when changing direction, this might help some ? if not it could also be flow rate too, i usually move mine about to suit the print from 100% to something like 103% from the printer menu, good luck

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    No I am waiting on the retracts from shoddyking but will be soon going to do photo shoot and release a vid for here ?

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    Just like to throw a few things in that i do.
    I slow the print down to something like 93
    i’m always watching the first few layers of new print and alter the flow to suit usually 103% and the sorts most under extrusions out
    Once you get the hang of it you’ll be good for everything 3dlab guys throw at you
    good luck

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    turn them around so that the open side touches the bed ?

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    I would love to see a decent sized A10 Warhawk to come up on here, with all the stuff. I have already been flying the parahna and the edge 540 plus the slingsblade. just eager to see the next instalment from the 3Dlabs gang


    Hi there this is what i do with my settings as I had the same problem. this setting lifts the Z axis 0.20 between moves and stops it from catching. Hope that helps.

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    in reply to: Zivico Edge for turnigy 1100kv HK ue #57895

    looks like your filament has got stuck half way through print or nozzle might have been blocked, enough to stop layer sticking to cause this. It happen’d to me

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    yes but then m8 there way to heavy put 0 infill goto be m8 with 2 outer wall layers try that

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    Hi there I’de like to help you the best way I know how. I did use Cura 3.1 for 3DLabs prints but in the end I went for S3D as it works perfect for all my prints. As for the winglets I changed my layer height from 0.2 to 0.1 to get it round the top, but the winglets of a slingsblade wouldn’t work so did it in 2 wall layers and printed perfect. Made the winglets heavier than suppose to be, but didn’t have any affect on the flying.
    Speed is also a good way to have failed extrusion in change of direction ?. When using S3D you can tell the printer to print inside first or last so not to have failed extrusion.when my first layer goes down I use the on-board menu to tweek settings like Flow up by 3% till it’s down and then turn speed down to 93% and it works like a charm every time. I would be lying if i said i didn’t have failed prints usually at the last parts, but’s that a 3D printers life for ya.

    All my prints start at 0.2 layer height / 0 top & bottom (unless stated) I start my bed at 70 then after first layer reduce to 55 to stop warping, i found that printing at 210 degrees works perfect for my printer.

    I have added a picture of a complete print of a SLingsBLade and fly’s great.
    I have also added a failed print 7hrs into print, this happen’d 3 times at the same turned out all i had to do was rotate the item just a bit as not to jerk y axis to much.

    But try to turn speed down as that is a good cause of vibration, or badly setup printer ?. your printer has go to be so tight and robust,straight Your Z axis has to be solid all the way to 200mm high. Try to reduce any movement that is produced by the bed moving, like I have my printer screw’d to a flat surface.
    Good luck I hope this helps a bit, don’t give up it took me 7 days to solve all my problems.

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    Hi there I’ve been thinking about this too and would like other user’s to throw there ideas in too. I’m printing the edge540 64″ and was wondering if i could use filler primer,sand and spray for the perfect finish, but was wondering weather PLA might melt with filler primer ?. Sanding with wet n dry paper works but leaves the PLA all scratched so the only end from this is to spray it.

    Any advice would be great


    ; G-Code generated by Simplify3D(R) Version 4.0.0
    ; Nov 22, 2018 at 2:39:24 PM
    ; Settings Summary
    ; processName,Process1
    ; applyToModels,Right Center Fuse
    ; profileName,wings and fuselage
    ; profileVersion,2018-11-21 12:00:28
    ; baseProfile,Default
    ; printMaterial,
    ; printQuality,
    ; printExtruders,
    ; extruderName,Primary Extruder
    ; extruderToolheadNumber,0
    ; extruderDiameter,0.4
    ; extruderAutoWidth,0
    ; extruderWidth,0.42
    ; extrusionMultiplier,1.02
    ; extruderUseRetract,1
    ; extruderRetractionDistance,0.8
    ; extruderExtraRestartDistance,0.07
    ; extruderRetractionZLift,0
    ; extruderRetractionSpeed,1800
    ; extruderUseCoasting,1
    ; extruderCoastingDistance,0.2
    ; extruderUseWipe,1
    ; extruderWipeDistance,2
    ; primaryExtruder,0
    ; layerHeight,0.2
    ; topSolidLayers,0
    ; bottomSolidLayers,0
    ; perimeterOutlines,1
    ; printPerimetersInsideOut,0
    ; startPointOption,2
    ; startPointOriginX,0
    ; startPointOriginY,0
    ; sequentialIslands,0
    ; spiralVaseMode,0
    ; firstLayerHeightPercentage,120
    ; firstLayerWidthPercentage,150
    ; firstLayerUnderspeed,0.5
    ; useRaft,0
    ; raftExtruder,0
    ; raftTopLayers,3
    ; raftBaseLayers,2
    ; raftOffset,3
    ; raftSeparationDistance,0.14
    ; raftTopInfill,100
    ; aboveRaftSpeedMultiplier,0.3
    ; useSkirt,1
    ; skirtExtruder,0
    ; skirtLayers,1
    ; skirtOutlines,3
    ; skirtOffset,2
    ; usePrimePillar,0
    ; primePillarExtruder,999
    ; primePillarWidth,12
    ; primePillarLocation,7
    ; primePillarSpeedMultiplier,1
    ; useOozeShield,0
    ; oozeShieldExtruder,999
    ; oozeShieldOffset,2
    ; oozeShieldOutlines,1
    ; oozeShieldSidewallShape,1
    ; oozeShieldSidewallAngle,30
    ; oozeShieldSpeedMultiplier,1
    ; infillExtruder,0
    ; internalInfillPattern,Rectilinear
    ; externalInfillPattern,Concentric
    ; infillPercentage,0
    ; outlineOverlapPercentage,15
    ; infillExtrusionWidthPercentage,100
    ; minInfillLength,5
    ; infillLayerInterval,1
    ; internalInfillAngles,45,-45
    ; overlapInternalInfillAngles,0
    ; externalInfillAngles,45,-45
    ; generateSupport,0
    ; supportExtruder,0
    ; supportInfillPercentage,30
    ; supportExtraInflation,0
    ; supportBaseLayers,0
    ; denseSupportExtruder,0
    ; denseSupportLayers,0
    ; denseSupportInfillPercentage,70
    ; supportLayerInterval,1
    ; supportHorizontalPartOffset,0.3
    ; supportUpperSeparationLayers,1
    ; supportLowerSeparationLayers,1
    ; supportType,0
    ; supportGridSpacing,4
    ; maxOverhangAngle,45
    ; supportAngles,0
    ; temperatureName,Primary Extruder,Heated Bed
    ; temperatureNumber,0,1
    ; temperatureSetpointCount,1,2
    ; temperatureSetpointLayers,1,1,4
    ; temperatureSetpointTemperatures,210,70,60
    ; temperatureStabilizeAtStartup,1,1
    ; temperatureHeatedBed,0,1
    ; temperatureRelayBetweenLayers,0,0
    ; temperatureRelayBetweenLoops,0,0
    ; fanLayers,1
    ; fanSpeeds,0
    ; blipFanToFullPower,0
    ; adjustSpeedForCooling,1
    ; minSpeedLayerTime,15
    ; minCoolingSpeedSlowdown,30
    ; increaseFanForCooling,0
    ; minFanLayerTime,45
    ; maxCoolingFanSpeed,100
    ; increaseFanForBridging,0
    ; bridgingFanSpeed,100
    ; use5D,1
    ; relativeEdistances,0
    ; allowEaxisZeroing,1
    ; independentExtruderAxes,0
    ; includeM10123,0
    ; stickySupport,1
    ; applyToolheadOffsets,0
    ; gcodeXoffset,0
    ; gcodeYoffset,0
    ; gcodeZoffset,0
    ; overrideMachineDefinition,0
    ; machineTypeOverride,0
    ; strokeXoverride,200
    ; strokeYoverride,200
    ; strokeZoverride,175
    ; originOffsetXoverride,0
    ; originOffsetYoverride,0
    ; originOffsetZoverride,0
    ; homeXdirOverride,-1
    ; homeYdirOverride,-1
    ; homeZdirOverride,-1
    ; flipXoverride,1
    ; flipYoverride,-1
    ; flipZoverride,1
    ; toolheadOffsets,0,0|0,0|0,0|0,0|0,0|0,0
    ; overrideFirmwareConfiguration,0
    ; firmwareTypeOverride,RepRap (Marlin/Repetier/Sprinter)
    ; GPXconfigOverride,r2
    ; baudRateOverride,115200
    ; overridePrinterModels,0
    ; printerModelsOverride
    ; startingGcode,G28,
    ; layerChangeGcode,
    ; retractionGcode,
    ; toolChangeGcode,
    ; endingGcode,M104 S0 ; turn off extruder,M140 S0 ; turn off bed,G28 X0 ; home X axis,M84 ; disable motors,M107 ; turn off fan
    ; exportFileFormat,gcode
    ; celebration,0
    ; celebrationSong,Random Song
    ; postProcessing,
    ; defaultSpeed,3600
    ; outlineUnderspeed,0.7
    ; solidInfillUnderspeed,0.8
    ; supportUnderspeed,0.8
    ; rapidXYspeed,4800
    ; rapidZspeed,1002
    ; minBridgingArea,5
    ; bridgingExtraInflation,0
    ; bridgingExtrusionMultiplier,1
    ; bridgingSpeedMultiplier,0.3
    ; useFixedBridgingAngle,0
    ; fixedBridgingAngle,0
    ; applyBridgingToPerimeters,0
    ; filamentDiameters,1.75|1.75|1.75|1.75|1.75|1.75
    ; filamentPricesPerKg,1000|1000|1000|1000|1000|1000
    ; filamentDensities,1.25|1.25|1.25|1.25|1.25|1.25
    ; useMinPrintHeight,1
    ; minPrintHeight,0
    ; useMaxPrintHeight,0
    ; maxPrintHeight,150
    ; useDiaphragm,0
    ; diaphragmLayerInterval,20
    ; robustSlicing,1
    ; mergeAllIntoSolid,0
    ; onlyRetractWhenCrossingOutline,0
    ; retractBetweenLayers,0
    ; useRetractionMinTravel,0
    ; retractionMinTravel,3
    ; retractWhileWiping,0
    ; onlyWipeOutlines,1
    ; avoidCrossingOutline,1
    ; maxMovementDetourFactor,3
    ; toolChangeRetractionDistance,0
    ; toolChangeExtraRestartDistance,0
    ; toolChangeRetractionSpeed,360
    ; externalThinWallType,0
    ; internalThinWallType,2
    ; thinWallAllowedOverlapPercentage,10
    ; singleExtrusionMinLength,1
    ; singleExtrusionMinPrintingWidthPercentage,50
    ; singleExtrusionMaxPrintingWidthPercentage,200
    ; singleExtrusionEndpointExtension,0.2
    ; horizontalSizeCompensation,0


    Hi I have included my g-codes for printing on a Anet A8 with simplify 3d as did try using cura and just couldn’t seem to get it to print right, but still use it for the engine mounts or anything that need solid layers as seems to work better for that.
    also some pictures to see what it should look like, as seem your skirt layer isn’t going down right, get that bit right first. I print at 210 all through, no fan, 70c bed for first layer then 60c after. have a look in the gcode for the rest of the settings will give you it in more detail.

    Hope that helps.

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    It looks to me like you bed isn’t quite level there at the back, plus you could slow print down and up the flow to help with the lack of plastic in’s all about a finally tuned printer.

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