Bambu Studio Setup

Although Bambu Studio is a fork of Prusa Slicer, BambuLab printers are not very friendly with using other slicers.

We prepared a set of test 3MF files including profiles to be imported into your Bambu Studio installation for slicing our models:

Bambu Studio


  • PolyAir or standard-density PLA for older or larger models (Spitfire, Corsair, Sabre, Mig-15, …)
  • PolyLight or LW-PLA Spiral Vase mode profile for models specifically prepared for continuous printing (P51, A10, …)
  • PolyLight or LW-PLA standard profile for LW models where using Spiral Vase mode could result in errors (Cub, Zero, Hurricane, …) or legacy models that could still benefit from reduced weight despite heavy stringing (Stearman, Py├Ârremyrsky, Ta-152, …).

Note: some models may slice better using Arachne, while others are better with Classic perimeter generator. Please check the Preview screen including travel moves.

To import the settings simply open the Bambu Studio test 3MF files and save the profiles into your local installation.

After you import the settings, you can either import our Prusa Slicer 3MF files as geometry or STL files of older models. Please note, the Prusa Slicer settings won’t import into the Bambu Studio, so you need to open the 3MF files in Prusa Slicer to check what modifiers has been used for each file and set the modifiers manually.

  • Majority of files only have 2 perimeters set for the first layer (Height modifier from 0-0.3 mm) to improve bed adhesion, except vase mode models and parts where other part slide into it.
  • Control surfaces usually require bottom layers for the height of the control horn
  • Parts with steep overhangs or horizontal surfaces such as wingtips require top layers to be added, sometimes in combination with variable layer height.

Please open the 3MF file in Prusa Slicer for reference.

The easiest way is to drag and drop the STL or 3MF file to the bed area of Bambu Studio. Please ignore any non-manifold errors, this is required for our type of printing and is not to be repaired by slicers.

Adjusting the modifiers

  • right click the model in the Objects list
  • Select Height range modifier
  • Click the + sign to add as many ranges as required with Layers selected (To find the correct height use the right side slider in the simulation)
  • Adjust settings for each Height range


List of settings for PolyAir or standard density PLA models

compared to standard settings with default filament

Global process settings

Filament settings

List of settings for PolyLight or active foaming LW-PLA models

compared to standard settings with default filament

Global process settings

Filament settings