RC Equipment alternatives

We’re using quite common RC equipement for most of our planes.

It happens from time to time some piece of equipement becomes discontinued or unavailable at the moment. This continously updated page will contain some optional replacements. If you find any variants, please send us a mail to support@3dlabprint.com, and we’ll update the page.



Copter motor used in combination with 6S Li-Po batteries

Weight: 103g
Power: 555W
Diameter: 45 mm
Shaft: 4 mm
Body width: 11 mm


Other variants:

Quanum MT Series 4108 700KV Brushless Multirotor Motor Built by DYS
4108-600KV Turnigy Multistar 22 Pole Brushless Multi-Rotor Motor With Extra Long Leads
Racerstar Racing Edition BR4108 600KV


Castle Creations Talon 25

6S capable ESC with BEC with rating up to 25A

Other variants:


ESC for F4U

In general we need 8S capable ESC with at least 90A continuous current. You’ll need external BEC or battery to power the onboard electronics when using “Opto” ESCs

Turnigy Super Brain 100A Brushless ESC
AeroStar Advance 120A HV (6~12S) Brushless ESC (Opto)

External BEC:

YEP 20A HV (2~12S) SBEC w/Selectable Voltage Output


Hitec HS-81/HS-82

Speed (Second @ 60°): 0.11 ~ 0.09
Maximum Torque Range kg./cm.: 2.6 ~ 3.0
Dimensions (Metric): 29.8 x 12.0 x 29.6
Weight (Gram): 16.6

Other variants:

Turnigy™ TR-1160A Mini Servo 25T 3.0kg / 0.11sec / 16g
Corona CS238MG Metal Gear Servo 4.6kg / 0.14sec / 22g
Corona DS238MG Digital Metal Gear Servo 4.6kg / 0.14sec / 22g

Retracts (landing gear)

Landing Gear F4U

JP Hobby ER-120 90° F4U Alloy Rotating Gear

JP Hobby ER-120 130/13/6/5mm Main Gear Scale Metal Struts (For F4U 90° Rotative Retracts – 3DLabPrint F4U Corsair 1.9m)




Servoless Retract with Metal Trunion 44mm x 41mm Mount (2pcs) (Spitfire Mk.IXc, B-25J, Bf-109 F3)

Used in: Spitfire MkIX, B-25J, Bf109F-3

Operating Voltage: 4.5~6.0V
Supported Model Weight: up to 5kg
Mount Plate Dimensions: 44mm x 41mm
Scew Hole Spacing: 36mm x 33mm
Depth: 28mm
Length: 74mm
Pin: 5mm
Weight: 72g each

Other variants:

70G 90° SERVOLESS ELECTRIC RETRACT SYSTEM WITH NOSE GEAR – 5.0MM – hobby-paradise.com, rc-castle.com