Lockheed P-38 Lightning3


Lockheed P-38 Lightning3


Wingspan 1410mm 55.5in



3D printed semiscale model of twin engine, twin boom heavy fighter, one of the fastest piston powered fighter of WWII, is a challenging build fully taking advantage of this new technology. The result is great flying aircraft, with all the bells and whistles. The features includes counter-rotating motors against torque roll, retractable landing gear with stearable nose wheel, flaps for easier landings and high cool factor. This warbird is capable of high speed passes, as well as flying as a kite. It’s easy to disassemble for transportation using click locks.

If you want to save some weight/channels, there’s a belly landing variant available.

12 channel controls include motors, two elevators, two rudders, two flaps, two ailerons, retractable landing gear and nose steering.


  • Universal STL files
  • Prepared basic Gcodes
  • Simplify3D setting files
  • CURA and MC setting files
  • Scale markings PDF
  • PDF/VIDEO userguide for further information

Recommended setup:

  • 2x 3530 1100 kV motor
  • 2x 30A 3S ESC
  • 2x 9×6″ counter rotating propeller
  • 3S 3000 mAh battery
  • 6A BEC
  • 12 channel radio system
  • 9x 9g servo, metal gears for elevators
  • CA hinge sheet
  • Piano wire for pushrods
  • 3mm diameter wire for LG legs
  • Wheels

Product Description

Future of flying – Print your own plane

1:12 semiscale R/C – Lockheed P-38 Lightning was a World War II American piston-engined fighter aircraft.

The first fully printable airplane with suitable files prepared for your 3Dprinter. Flight characteristics are comparable or even better than classic build model airplanes.

Simply download and print it anytime you need only for $20 (filament cost). This is not a dream, now you can print this HI-TECH …. at home, print spare parts, and so on…

The wing and fuselage both feature extensive hitech 3d structural reinforcement, which makes the model very rigid while still maintaining lightweight airframe and exact airfoil, even when it is made only from plastic. This perfect and exact 3d structure is possible only due to additive 3dprinting technology.

Easy to assemble, you do not need any extra tool or hardware. You only need to glue printed parts together. The rest of the assembly is very easy. Simply add brushless motor, ESC, servos and radio system. Don´t worry, a detailed step by step PDF/VIDEO is included.

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Prepared Gcodes for your printer:

If your printer is i3 compatible you can directly use our prepared gcodes. Simply save to an SD card and let the 3d printer do it’s job.


For further options have a look at the PDF/VIDEO userguide_p38_lightning

Print parts:

Glue printed parts together:

And add R/C equipment:

Find active links for all equipment and much more in our PDF/VIDEO userguide_p38_lightning :


And have a look at our Printing Guide (thin wall printing):


Go flying:

Basic requirements:

3D Printer, nozzle 0.4mm diameter, min. build volume 195/195/150mm (or 250/120/150…)

PolyAir 1.0 (highly recommended) or PLA filament

Recommended equipement:

2x Turnigy Aerodrive SK3 – 3530 1150KV or similar
2x Turnigy Plush 40A ESC w/ 5A BEC or similar
Set of CW and CCW 9×6″ propellers
3S 3000 mAh Li-Po battery
Servoless retract with metal trunion for small models 32×25 mm (2pcs) for main landing gear
Servoless Nose Wheel Retract with metal trunnion 33×35 mm mount
9x 9g servos, HXT900 or similar
2x 75 mm Main wheels and 1x 50 mm Nose wheel

How it works

Download - Print - Assembly - Fly
  • 1
    Creating process of digital modelling

    Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement resulting in solid yet lightweight airframe thanks to additive 3Dprinting technology

  • 2
    Printing and testing

    Each plane has been thoroughly tested to find ideal shape and best possible inner structure

  • 3

    Choose your aircraft, download 3d files and print as many you need. Using your desktop 3Dprinter