3DLabPrint samolepka Multipack 2023 ver 1 copy



Contains all the filaments you need to properly print all parts including tires, details and so on…

More than suitable volume for our Piper J-3 CUB, Hurricane, Zero, Bungee Prop or any (1m) LW series plane.


  • PolyLight 1.0 LW PLA Natural, active foaming, 330g/111m (0.73lbs/366ft) spool
  • FlexiLight 1.0 LW Rubber Black, active foaming, 10m
  • PolyAir 1.0 Signal Grey, durable PLA based, 16m
  • PETg Anthracit, durable and high temperature, 13m
  • Diameter: 1.75mm @ tolerance (+/- 0.02mm)
  • Anti-moisture vacuum bag


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Product Description

Note: 3DLabPrint Gcodes and 3mf/factory (PrusaSlicer/Simplify3D) are already set for this filaments. Find exact use for each material in our Userguides.

  • Check our HELP section for next detailed info about each filament setting.

This Multi Pack includes:

PolyLight 1.0 LW Natural, active foaming, 330g/111m (0.73lbs/366ft) spool

The main parts of the aircraft such as the fuselage, wings, ailerons and tail surfaces.

hotend 245°C
bed 55°C


FlexiLight 1.0 LW Rubber Black, active foaming, 10m:

Main and tail tires.

hotend 240°C
bed 50°C


PolyAir 1.0 Signal Grey, durable, PLA based easy to print, 16m:

Landing gear wheel discs, elevator arm, scale details and “glue in wing” reinforcement.

hotend 230°C
bed 55°C


PETg Anthracit, durable and high temperature, 13m:

hotend 240°C
bed 80-90°C

Motor mount, printed landing gear, rubber holders.



You no longer need to buy whole spools of individual filaments

High quality and eco friendly

The filament is produced from premium ingredients, with tight tolerances on our automated production line and comes in a resealable bag for convenient use. Spools are made from recycled plastic waste.

Available shipping country:

Australia, USA, South Korea, Japan, China, Austria, Belgium,Taiwan, Bulgaria, Croatia, Hong Kong, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, Serbia and many more…

How it works

Download - Print - Assembly - Fly
  • 1
    Creating process of digital modelling

    Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement resulting in solid yet lightweight airframe thanks to additive 3Dprinting technology

  • 2
    Printing and testing

    Each plane has been thoroughly tested to find ideal shape and best possible inner structure

  • 3

    Choose your aircraft, download 3d files and print as many you need. Using your desktop 3Dprinter