Messerschmitt Bf 109 H/F fuselage upgrade

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Messerschmitt Bf 109 H/F fuselage upgrade


Comunity upgrade of our Messerschmidt BF109 H/F fuselage for better strenght and easier manipulation by Matej.


  • Fuselage reinforcement (45 degree mesh in the fuselage)
  • Fixed rudder (removed rudder horn and bowden tube), redesigned to glue the rudder to the fuselage
  • Battery connection from outside (two channels for cable output to connect the battery after the wing has been attached)
  • Front part of fuselage printed in one piece, for added strength and faster assembly
  • Reinforced motor mount points

See the userguide for more information.

Product Description

Do you want a sturdier Messerschmitt BF 109 H/F fuselage? This field modification by our Gang member Matej has some nice features to even improve the flight experience of this great flying model.

The most significant is probably the diagonal mesh reinforcement, making the fuselage stronger not just for landing, but even for grabbing the plane at the most usual place, behind the cockpit.

For pilots who think the rudder is just an unnecessary weight, you now can print the plane without it to save a few grams in the tail and for the servo and pushrod.

The new mod also allows connecting the battery outside of the fuselage, without the need to disassemble the wing and fiddle with the cables. This adds some more safety when manipulating the plane after landing or before take off.

Finally the front part of fuselage is now printed in one piece which, together with some motor mounting point reinforcements, contributes to sturdier construction of the most vulnerable part of the airplane.

A welcome improvement pack for Aircombat competitors, and anyone else that just wants a stronger airplane.

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How it works

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