PZL p.11c


PZL p.11c

Highly detailed scale model of the pre WWII polish fighter by PrintBeat team. It has wingspan of 1100 mm and many scale details as you can see on the photos.

You will get:

  • STL files
  • Simplify3D factory files
  • Prepared Gcodes for original Prusa i3 MK2/3 and compatible printers
  • Detailed PDF userguide

You will need:

  • PLA filament for print model parts
  • FLEX filament for print tire
  • Super glue and Activator
  • Spring diameter 7 mm
  • 10x screws diameter 3mm
  • 1x screws diameter 12mm
  • Bowden wire
  • 6x hinge
  • Electric motor (recommended 3536 1300kv)
  • Regulator
  • Li-Po Battery 3s 2250mAh
  • RC receiver
  • Propeller 12×6 / 13×5


Product Description

Highly detailed scale model of the pre WWII polish fighter by PrintBeat team. As before with the F4U Corsair engine replica, this model by PrintBeat features many scale details. Expect perfectly modeled instrument panel, engine, targeting reticule, etc.

The PZL P.11 was a Polish fighter aircraft, designed in 1930 in Warsaw. It was considered a very mature design and excelled in its agility. The first type flew up in 1931. In battle, it was first used at the beginning of World War II after the invasion of Poland by Germany. But in that time it was considered obsolete. This airplane, piloted by sub-Lieutenant Wladyslaw Gnys, as the first allied aircraft, was the first one to shoot down a German plane in the Second World War (Junkers Stuka 87). In total, these machines attributed 126 victories (Luftwaffe) during the Polish campaign. This type of aircraft was also used by Romanian, Hungarian, Soviet, Latvian and Bulgarian Air Force

Developer: Print Beat
Contact: info@print-beat.com




How it works

Download - Print - Assembly - Fly
  • 1
    Creating process of digital modelling

    Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement resulting in solid yet lightweight airframe thanks to additive 3Dprinting technology

  • 2
    Printing and testing

    Each plane has been thoroughly tested to find ideal shape and best possible inner structure

  • 3

    Choose your aircraft, download 3d files and print as many you need. Using your desktop 3Dprinter