IFA Multicar M25


IFA Multicar M25

Mostly 3D printable RC model of German compact utility vehicle brought to you by Tamimi Team.

You’ll get:

  • STL files
  • Simplify3D factory files
  • PDF User Guide and shopping list

You will need:

  • 3D printer with volume 210 x 210 x 200 mm, recommended nozzle is 0,4 mm
  • Your favourite slicing software
  • Transmitter and receiver of your choice
  • Standard sized servo (for example Futaba S3003)
  • DC 12V motor with 550RPM
  • Brushed ESC
  • 6 or 7 pcs truck Tamiya tires
  • Bearings
  • 10 x 10 mm aluminium profiles

For more information check the PDF userguide and Shopping list.


Product Description

The project is inspired by a Germany made vehicle IFA MULTICAR M25. Many prototypes have been made and the final M25 was produced in more than 100,000 units. The vehicle used a 33 kW (45 PS) diesel engine. Simple, yet a versatile small utility vehicle. made in various variants, such as flatbed, snow plough, tiny excavator, 4×4 etc.

Most of the model is 3d printed, you need to buy just a few common items such as motor, ESC, battery, receiver, some M3 and M2 screws, a few bearings, tires and 10 x 10mm aluminium profiles according to the included shopping list.

Multicar is made with a flatbed, the lifting mechanism is optional and it’s included in files.

How it works

Download - Print - Assembly - Fly
  • 1
    Creating process of digital modelling

    Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement resulting in solid yet lightweight airframe thanks to additive 3Dprinting technology

  • 2
    Printing and testing

    Each plane has been thoroughly tested to find ideal shape and best possible inner structure

  • 3

    Choose your aircraft, download 3d files and print as many you need. Using your desktop 3Dprinter