Vought F2G Corsair Conversion


Vought F2G Corsair Conversion


F2G-1 “Super” Corsair #88458, painted as Race 57 is one of the two still existing planes, designed as a special low-altitude version of a fighter equipped with a Pratt & Whitney R-4360 28-cylinder, four-row radial air-cooled engine. Now you can print your Corsair in this version thanks to Michael Morgan’s modification including the awesome red/white livery.


  • Universal STL files
  • Simplify3D setting files
  • Scale markings PDF
  • PDF/VIDEO userguide for further information


Product Description

F2G Corsair conversion kit for 3Dlabprint Vought F4U Corsair

author: Michael Morgan

website: www.3DPrintedKits.com

info: morg@morgantech.com

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PDF/VIDEO userguide :


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How it works

Download - Print - Assembly - Fly
  • 1
    Creating process of digital modelling

    Extensive hi-tech 3d structural reinforcement resulting in solid yet lightweight airframe thanks to additive 3Dprinting technology

  • 2
    Printing and testing

    Each plane has been thoroughly tested to find ideal shape and best possible inner structure

  • 3

    Choose your aircraft, download 3d files and print as many you need. Using your desktop 3Dprinter